3 reasons "Rebel Grandma" is so rebellious

3 reasons "Rebel Grandma" is so rebellious

I kind of love a little rebellion in life.  In some ways it's boring without it...

Rebel Grandma was inspired by my own Grandma who I absolutely adore.  She is the sweetest thing inside and out.  She loves bible study, coffee all day long, she finds her purpose in helping and serving others... 


Of course, she loves stirring the pot every once in awhile

  1. Rebel Grandma is the woman who walks in the door just at the time you were doing something secret.  She's the one who catches you red handed... crap. She says, "what are you doing?" and when she finds out you're wall papering a wall that you didn't tell your husband about, trying to hurry to get it wallpapered before he got home from work she says, "OHHH YES! I want to help!"
  2. Rebel Grandma is the woman when you're in the midst of a melt down, "it's just life." Save it for the big stuff.  She reminds you not to take life too seriously.  She doesn't really care what people think if she steps on toes or ruffles a few feathers (HINT HINT the feather boa she's wearing)
  3. Rebel Grandma is the woman who believes she can handle anything as long as she's got lipstick and a pair of earrings.  Her secret weapons everyone underestimates.  Everyone underestimates the Rebel Grandma, don't they? 

gosh, aren’t grandma’s amazing and wonderful and rebellious in all the right ways?!


Until next time!


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