All about the Chicken in the Boots

All about the Chicken in the Boots

All the things about the Chicken in the boots are coming at you today!

Ok I'm not going to lie to you... writing and painting about a chicken wearing boots has to be the MOST AWESOME topic in the entire world :) really, how adorable are chickens in boots?! 


If I were really to imagine trapsing out to the chicken coop, catching a hen, carrying it over to a pair of boots, and wrestling the hen's feet into the tops of those wellies I'm already laughing at this sight in my mind (maybe I really should do it and film it for you guys!)


I feel like if I'm really going to do this... I need my brother to help me hahaha.  He's always my right-hand man.  Especially when it involves something funny.  we are both 100000% down for a good laugh.  Which reminds me.  Guess what my brother and I ALWAYS were in trouble for? 


Like every single road trip.  

Every single time our family went out to eat.

Every single time we waited in a line at the checkout.

Every single time we were together.


We were always in trouble for giggling too much.

It drove my dad nuts.  I'll always remember he would say "COOL IT!!!!" over and over and over to us.  That was his classic saying when we got into giggle fest mode.  


Basically, that is the chicken in boots!  A giggle fest 24/7 waltzing around this journey of life every single day.  Preparing for the holidays running wild and crazy and silly.  A true holiday frenzy that is nothing but hysterical!


So, cheers to the chaos! Cheers to the chicken in boots


Until next time,


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