Behind the Scenes Look at my NEWEST Collection

Behind the Scenes Look at my NEWEST Collection

11:49PM came across the oven clock


As I walked with my jar of paint water over to the sink


My eyes about bugged out of my head and rolled under the refrigerator


I NEVER stay up this late


Oh no...


What will tomorrow be like?


Cranky, sleepy, dragging through the motions


I had gotten so lost in painting that I really lost track of time


But it was amazing


I looked over my shoulder


5 beautiful paintings


Pulling at my heart strings


Moms holding hands


Daughters hugging


A stunning black and white portrait


A sigh left my chest


This is it


This is what I had envisioned


This was beautiful, edgy, contemporary yet classic




I was done


At almost midnight


I really painted this entire collection almost all at once


Maybe because I couldn't stop

Maybe because Motherhood holds so many emotions for me

Maybe because I love my daughters

Maybe because it was meant to be


Until next time,



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