Grumpy's Story

Grumpy's Story

Lean in, I can't wait to share the story of the Not-So Grumpy project with you!


Growing up my grandpa was so influential on my childhood.  My brother and I loved going fishing with him, drinking orange soda, and riding with the dog in the pick up truck.


He was our hero.


We also called him "Grumpy"


Even though, he was everything but.


So the story goes... when I was a baby I seemed to always have a scowl.


People would mention that I should go by "Grumpy" because I had mastered that frown as an infant.


This offended my Grandpa.  He was NOT going to let others call me, "Grumpy" 


Instead, he insisted that HE be called "Grumpy"


And so forever he was "Grumpy" to us.

I adored him.  He was kind and always full of surprises


My husband and I since have moved into the farmhouse that was always his.


Since then, I have felt a missing piece, a sense of loneliness, missing his surprises, his smiles, his kindness that was never ending


One day


I was gifted a random act of kindness


That forever changed my outlook on humanity


I felt like I saw the world through "Grumpy's eyes"


Surprises are so a necessity towards greater happiness


Kindness trumps EVERYTHING at the end of the day


From there, the Not-So Grumpy Project was born

I decided that I wanted to continue to pay it forward


Surprising strangers (like I was surprised recently)


As much as I could


I have committed to Abandoning Art as often as I can

To leave for a stranger to find


A sweet surprise


Spreading kindness


Throughout our communities


The way my Grumpy always did


Leaving our neighborhood Not-So Grumpy as they were before


Until next time,


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