Hi, I'm back again!

Hi, I'm back again!

It's been a hot minute since I've wrote a blog post! I don't know what happened to be honest but lots of exciting things have happened since I've written last :)


Lots of good things!


One of my very VERY most favorite things that has happened recently... I began abandoning my artwork.  Seriously!  At first, I abandoned a drawing.  I wanted to surprise someone and just see what I thought of it.  I left the drawing taped to a park bench and I really didn't know what was going to happen.


Was someone going to find it?

Would I even know if someone found it?

Would the person know what it was or know they could keep it?

Would it be left there forever to endure the rain, ice, and storms for years?


Left.  I left it anyway.  



I felt on top of the world.  In that movement I really didn't care what happened to the art.  It was freeing, exhilarating.  I knew this was something I was going to continue to do! IT FELT AWESOME!!!


So yeah, now I'm pretty much addicted to making people happy and surprising them with a random act of kindness.  No matter how big or small.  No matter who or what.  NO MATTER WHAT! 


This is one of my favorite random acts of kindness when an elderly woman told me she loved my headband and expressed that she wishes she could wear something like that... I thought to myself "why not? she absolutely can wear this!" I took it off of my head and gifted it to her to make her day.

She teared up and shook with absolute overwhelming happiness.  That is what it is all about.


One other super exciting thing I've done since we've chatted last is: THE SWEATSHIRTS

Oh, my lord you guys!!!! I got the idea to start doing sweatshirts when I couldn't find bleached sweatshirts that I liked sold in my area.  Nobody was really creating anything I wanted.  


So, I decided to create my own :)


I made 10 sweatshirts first.  They were gone before I could even get them listed on my website.  SOLD LIKE HOT CAKES!

I was floored.  I thought I was really taking a risk by buying 10 sweatshirts and making them all pretty much the same.  My fear was that I was going to be stuck with a ton of matching sweatshirts of all sizes.  Then what was I going to do?


Turns out... I had the opposite problem.  I needed to make more! I ordered 20 more and sold those! I did do one as a random act of kindness.  


Then I created the turkey sweatshirts and those flew.  Next up... the holiday series of sweatshirts and I can hardly wait!!!! I still have some of the same fears as before.  What am I going to do if I end up with a bunch of matching sweatshirts of all sizes... fear can be real, but I also know they make people happy.  This is good.  Above all else I believe.  I believe in being brave.  I believe in myself.  I believe in good things!


Until next time, smile big and be kind to one another!




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