Sweet as Pie (even when I can't cook)

Sweet as Pie (even when I can't cook)

Oh gosh.  The Sweet as Pie art... is just so well "sweet"


Inspired by my family and our old, outdated kitchen.  In our sweet little kitchen so many memories have been made...


I painted Esther's nails for the first time on the checkered floor

My grandpa pet hundreds of kittens at the old wood table

Christmas cookie messes were made year after year with my Grandma

My husband asked me to marry him in this kitchen

Many many memories

The kitchen is just the best place to be.  I feel like it's the comfort zone for me.  It's where I can waste hours with a glass of wine and my feet up as I scroll my phone or call a loved one.  I can chat with my husband as he makes my favorite meal beef Bolognese with pinot noir.  It's where I tend to let my walls down and often will have a meltdown.  Letting out all the hurts of the world or weight on my shoulders.  Laying out each problem I've buried in my heart on the counter to sort and organize and somehow put myself back together.

That are sweeter than pie in my mind... I'll never forget them, the times and each second of precious life in it's rawest, sweetest moments.  I hold them close to my heart and let them sweeten my soul.  I truly think that this is what has made life so sweet. 


Sweet enough to snuggle my daughters in their towel after the shower.

Sweet enough to gift the headband I'm wearing to an elderly woman.

Sweet enough to sit with my brother as he finds his way.

Sweet enough to bottle feed kittens back to health when their mamas could not.

Sweet enough to savor ever minute that we've been given.

The good, the bad, the hard, the dreamy.  There's always something more we can do.  By that I mean no matter what situation you find yourself in... there's aways a step forward.  There's always something that you CAN DO.  You are alive.  Life is sweet.  Keep going.  The next step you could take just may be everything you ever needed.  


You could say all of this wrapped up is "Sweet as Pie" :)


Until next time,


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