Things Everyone Should Know About Art Therapy

Things Everyone Should Know About Art Therapy

Art Therapy, oh where to begin


Talking about art therapy kind of feels like talking to someone about medications, or journaling prompts


Its so personal


The thing is I don’t want to hoard the art therapy magic all to myself. I mean I do to stay in my comfy introverted bubble. But something keeps nudging me to share with you. The magic that is art therapy.


A few things everyone should know about art therapy


1. you don’t have to be an artist of creative or have any special skills to benefit from a session. Art therapy is meant for time and senses and purposely using your brain in ways that you don’t in your everyday life. Exercising new pathways is where the therapeutic element of art therapy lives and where the magic happens.


2. Art masterpieces aren’t the goal. Creating a masterpiece within IS. Many people get frustrated during art therapy if they don’t create a beautiful piece of art. I walk clients though step by step therapeutic prompts and include inexpensive items on the supply list so your healing is the focus the art follows.


3. Art therapy has been around for years and years! Seeing shapes and deciphering color choices tell stories that lie deep within. Stories that you physically are incapable of sharing verbally! How cool is that!?

4. Art therapy is so powerful, I remember learning about it in public school. There’s a reason art is still in the school curriculum. Not only to be expressive and creative for kids… but it is a fundamental life still to cope with a chaotic world that surrounds us every single day.


5. Black and white can be just as powerful as a vibrant image.



Here's to healing, hoping, and expressing ourselves in a way we all can grow from


Until next time,


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