Why I love being a mom

Why I love being a mom

Motherhood hasn’t been easy for me (and I think for most people it’s really tough at times)


I wish a year ago or two years ago I could have read what I’m writing now.


I have grown to love being a mom. Notice I said GROWN. One lesson I’ve been leaning into learning is growing into something you’re not yet.


I’m not saying I wasn’t a good mom before. But I am saying it’s taken me time to grow, learn, adapt to love being a mom.


Oh gosh, I love it. 

I love waking up to “Twinkle twinkle little star” sung by little voices.


I love after shower cuddles and wide open arms to catch running hugs in.


But the things I love most about being a mom aren’t necessarily what I do for my kids.


It’s really what they do for me.


I can always count on my daughters for:

a hand to hold

a kiss

sweet giggles

a fresh view on the clouds or stars

to smell a flower with

to be my friend whenever I need it


They are there. They love me as much as I love them. It’s a two way street. And the most beautiful path this life has set me on. 

Until next time,



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