Why I Paint Upside Down

Why I Paint Upside Down

Paige... why do you paint upside down?


How on EARTH do you paint upside down?


Well... funny you ask


I do it on purpose


To be honest if I try to paint right side up


My brain creates what I "think" an image should look like


Things get wonky


And crooked 


And just don't quite translate the same






When I was diagnosed with Postpartum Anxiety and Depression


I realized


To heal from this


Was going to be something I needed to learn to cope with


In my own way


And I was going to have to learn to live and embrace a new way of thinking from now on


My counselor asked me


"In 10 years what will you look back on your life and say, "I'm glad I spent my time doing this?""




I thought about it over a week and came up with the obvious answers...











To me as I reflect on my life and time


I really don't want there to be a blank spot


A lapse in my life where I didn't paint


The idea of missing paintings during a part of my life made me sad


It is how I express who I am...

What is happening to me...

How I see the situation...

And also


How I tell the stories of my life








I wasn't ok with the thought of there being a portion of my life where I didn't have that aspect.


My counselor went on to explain that my brain was stuck in the emotional part


I was constantly living in 




and I was strung out, exhausted, on edge, and not myself


In order for me to recover I needed to commit to changing what part of my brain was active




I began painting upside down


To purposely get myself to use a different part of my mind


Simply painting the shapes I saw in front of me


I also took my glasses off to paint to force myself to really begin using muscles that I wasn't using at the time




My new paintings had such a beautiful


Soft, flowy, realistic look to them that had a unique take on where the light hit them


I was in love


Not only with the new art I was creating


But how I started to feel


Soon... it was my way of coping


My outlet


How I recharged and refreshed myself


Painting upside down 


And loving every second


Until next time!


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